In Memory Of Nancy Rondeau

 My Dear Friend, Nancy Rondeau of Bedford Falls Alpacas, Warne, NC, passed away on October 19, 2010, doing exactly what she loved doing the most!! She was teaching a new alpaca owner how to "strip" the teats of a brand new alpaca "Mom" who had just delivered her beautiful baby girl!! Nancy had fought long and hard from August 17, 2010, when she had suffered three major heart attacks. Nancy was my mentor, my teacher, my friend, my compadre' in the world of alpacas and in just life itself! In fact, it was Nancy and Doug who truly introduced me to the world of alpacas in June of 2003 and helped me begin my love walk and my journey into loving these most precious, adorable, huggable, kissable, loveable animals. Nancy, I will miss you dearly, forever, until we meet again in Heaven.. I know that Jesus has you watching out for all of the alpacas in the Heavenly Realms munching on green, green grass and to make sure that they are getting their apple slices and carrots!!

I love you, my dear friend.