About the farm

In 2003, I was introduced to alpacas and immediately was fascinated with these amazing creatures!!  The more I researched alpacas the more "head over heels" in love I became.  Knowing that I needed to learn much more about these beautiful animals, I was blessed to be mentored by Doug and Nancy Rondeau of Bedford Falls Alpaca Farm, Warne, NC.  I purchased my first girls later in 2003, and again was blessed to be able to board them at Bedford Falls Alpacas where they received excellent care and I could continue gleaning knowledge from Doug and Nancy in the world of alpacas.  The dream truly became a reality in December 2006 at which time my little herd of seven came home to stay at Touch of Heaven Alpacas.

The farm has been an ongoing work in progress over the past years, increasing the herd along with increasing the responsibilities of farm life.  Now, Touch of Heaven Alpacas is not only home to these awesome alpacas, but to three sweet donkeys as well, not to mention some friendly chickens, too!!   

It is our desire here at Touch of Heaven Alpacas to offer an educational experience regarding everything about alpacas from the two toes on each foot to the top knot of their head as well as everything about donkeys from their hooves to the tip of their long ears.  There is so much for folks to learn about regarding both of these gentle creatures.  Visitors also have the opportunity to get an up close and personal, hands on experience, literally, getting the "feel" of alpacas and the "feel" of donkeys!!!   It thrills us to have folks come to the farm so that we can share our passion for these incredible, lovable, huggable, and kissable animals!!!   Come for a visit and you will see what we mean about a whole lot of lovin' on these sweet ones!!  You just can't get enough from these guys!!  You just might fall in love!!!